Just some update before my long hari raya holiday...... yahoooooooo!!!!!

On little one

Last Tuesday, we done our monthly checkup with Pn. Doc, everything seems so fine to me and for the second time Pn Doc had double confirmed lil one’s gender... Well, I’m not announcing it here, but all my friends and family members already know it, and of course the most excited person is my Hubby plus our baby is after his nose (omg!!! Whay didn’t u coping Mummy???)
So from now on, we can start (start??) shopping for the baby outfit, hehehe. My baby thingies list almost complete and I think my energy shopping level is very high right now :-)

The lil one’s kicking is harder and harder everyday... Are u going to be a footballer dear? It’s fine for Mummy, as long as u don’t say to be a table tennis player, ok....

On Hari Raya preparation

We’ve done shopped all the baju for this Hari Raya: for myself [only one beaded baju kurung :-( and 3 inchs wedge :-) opppsssss!!] for Hubby [a nice baju melayu teluk belanga, matching samping, songkok and sandal] for niece and nephew [a gorgeous lil baju kurung and gown for Niena] [an Arsenal’s jersey and marvelous outing outfit for lil Ali] for family [beautiful but affordable baju kurung for Ma] [a baju melayu for my lil brother, Tomin]
I really want some more for myself but for the second thought maybe I don’t need it desperately because my growing belly will limited me to fully utilize all that baju raya. But to full fill my craving for my own shopping things, I’ve bought some of maternity outfit with lots of cash flew away, hehehe but thanks to my Hubby PIPE’s friends for the Isetan voucher. But don’t worry, I’m already told Hubby to stop me from shop for more maternity outfit after this *sigh* (half of my wardrobe filled with it, ah-ha!!!)

About kuih raya, I don’t spent much this year, just bought 3 balang of kuih raya from my staffs and the rest is complimentary from MIL (we already have 11 balang of kuih raya at home + another 8 to bring back to Mersing) alhamdulillah.....

On fasting progress

Alhamdulillah I still manage to fast until today and only one day left, insya-Allah.. Pn. Doc also advised me to keep fasting as long as I can. Thank to lil baby for giving fully cooperation to mummy J I love u.. I’m also proud of myself because until today I still successfully wake up at 4 – 4.30 every morning to prepare sahur for my lovely Hubby (every morning Hubby never fail to compliment my cook, that’s make me more enthusiasm to cook the meal :-) hopefully he telling me the truth!!!)

About our berbuka puasa, I will tell it in another entry ya.....


We going to celebrate Hari Raya at Mersing this year, with my family (thanks dear, muah muah) So we going off to balik kampung tomorrow, hooooray……

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