Just some update before my long hari raya holiday...... yahoooooooo!!!!!

On little one

Last Tuesday, we done our monthly checkup with Pn. Doc, everything seems so fine to me and for the second time Pn Doc had double confirmed lil one’s gender... Well, I’m not announcing it here, but all my friends and family members already know it, and of course the most excited person is my Hubby plus our baby is after his nose (omg!!! Whay didn’t u coping Mummy???)
So from now on, we can start (start??) shopping for the baby outfit, hehehe. My baby thingies list almost complete and I think my energy shopping level is very high right now :-)

The lil one’s kicking is harder and harder everyday... Are u going to be a footballer dear? It’s fine for Mummy, as long as u don’t say to be a table tennis player, ok....

On Hari Raya preparation

We’ve done shopped all the baju for this Hari Raya: for myself [only one beaded baju kurung :-( and 3 inchs wedge :-) opppsssss!!] for Hubby [a nice baju melayu teluk belanga, matching samping, songkok and sandal] for niece and nephew [a gorgeous lil baju kurung and gown for Niena] [an Arsenal’s jersey and marvelous outing outfit for lil Ali] for family [beautiful but affordable baju kurung for Ma] [a baju melayu for my lil brother, Tomin]
I really want some more for myself but for the second thought maybe I don’t need it desperately because my growing belly will limited me to fully utilize all that baju raya. But to full fill my craving for my own shopping things, I’ve bought some of maternity outfit with lots of cash flew away, hehehe but thanks to my Hubby PIPE’s friends for the Isetan voucher. But don’t worry, I’m already told Hubby to stop me from shop for more maternity outfit after this *sigh* (half of my wardrobe filled with it, ah-ha!!!)

About kuih raya, I don’t spent much this year, just bought 3 balang of kuih raya from my staffs and the rest is complimentary from MIL (we already have 11 balang of kuih raya at home + another 8 to bring back to Mersing) alhamdulillah.....

On fasting progress

Alhamdulillah I still manage to fast until today and only one day left, insya-Allah.. Pn. Doc also advised me to keep fasting as long as I can. Thank to lil baby for giving fully cooperation to mummy J I love u.. I’m also proud of myself because until today I still successfully wake up at 4 – 4.30 every morning to prepare sahur for my lovely Hubby (every morning Hubby never fail to compliment my cook, that’s make me more enthusiasm to cook the meal :-) hopefully he telling me the truth!!!)

About our berbuka puasa, I will tell it in another entry ya.....


We going to celebrate Hari Raya at Mersing this year, with my family (thanks dear, muah muah) So we going off to balik kampung tomorrow, hooooray……


Special Entry : Happy Birthday my big sister

Kak Nie's family

Niena and Mama

Happy Birthday to my big sister – NINIE

How to describe my sis ni ye?? Hmmmm actually mase kecik-kecik dulu takde kamceng sangat sebab we all tak sekepala, lagipun my sis ni ala-ala lembik and manja yang amat, yeah I was brutal that time la, ikut abah menembak dalam hutan (hehehehe sweet memory) She always gets what she wants from abah and makes me become a big green hulk + big green eye, nyampah nyer….

But she liked to tell me all about her love stories, maybe because i’m the only sister yang faham kot, takkan nak story kat Dian yang baru 3-4 tahun tu kan….. A few guys name yang I can recall la; Toni, arwah Amin, hmmmm sape lagi ekkk (takde la ramai boyfriends sangat pun my sis ni) hehehehe…….

Hopefully Abg Man not one of this blog reader, if not matilah…. lariksssss

Bile dah grown up ni, I think she is one of my best motivator, consultant, friend and role model…… Walaupun her perangai still the same – kuat merajuk, cepat marah, manja etc etc etc (bulan puasa ni tak baik kutuk lebih-lebih)

So again, I wanna wish Happy 32nd Birthday to my beloved sister… May God Bless You and Family…

p/s : cian Niena kena chicken pox, pity my sweet dear :-(


Swap.... swap

PUTRAJAYA: Datuk Seri Abdullah Ahmad Badawi announced he would be handing over the Finance Ministry portfolio to his deputy. In a direct swap, Abdullah would take over the Defence Ministry from Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak.

The Prime Minister announced this at a press conference Wednesday.
The swap of duties is to take effect immediately.
The move is part of the agreed transition plan which both Abdullah and Najib reaffirmed on Wednesday.

In July, Abdullah and Najib agreed to the transition plan for the Prime Minister to hand over power to him in 2010. The plan was endorsed by the party supreme council later.

Ye ye we got a new minister!!!!!!! erkkkkk whatever..................

New Place

I'm officially transferred to another department but still in the same ministry and the same building, but still don't get a room yet la... Temporarily, I'm located at Secretariat Unit, doing the HR jobs (again!!!!!!)

Nothing much to update about the new job.... Apart from dealing with the same administrative things, I'm starting to learn about the tender paper and board meeting (what??????)

Really hope that I will get the my exact post as soon as possible, so I can blogging anytime with privacy hehehehe.......

p/s : I wanna stori mori about our bukak puasa event with my close friends last weekend, but nanti la ekkk!!!!


Good Bye HRD

Today is the last day I’m blogging from this computer in this room. Tomorrow will be the new day for me in the new office environment and totally new job scope. For almost 4 year I’m doing and dealing with the same HR issues everyday, finally I can move on to another chapter in my career life. I’m so thankful for the knowledge and experiences that I had learnt and got here....

Obviously, my main reason for moving to another department is because I can’t get along with my boss (I’m not proud of it !!) it’s also for my career wise, I don’t to be stuck here forever and became a tukun....

I’ve done packed all my belongings and just about time to be transfer it to new room. Not so far la, just from level 6 down to level 3 only.....

Actually, I should move out from this ministry about long time ago last year, when I got my work promotion but because I’m too good (*wink*) to let go, my big boss decided to retained me here. Along my time working here, I had 3 different immediate bosses with a different characteristics (rambut sama hitam, hati lain-lain kan) well nothing to be regretted, I want to move on in my career, Insya-Allah....

So, tomorrow (maybe) I will update more about my new place. I hope I can cope up with all the new things. Do pray for me....

I’m so sad to leaving this office because;

Computer with internet connection – yes
Laser jet printer – yes
All excess call out telephone – yes
My free time to do personal things – yes
My supportive colleagues and staffs – yes
Office’s pantry with a full of meal and snack in the fridge – yes
Boss – nope

Good bye office, good bye computer, good bye printer, good bye telephone and good bye everybody!!!! sob sob sob sob................


Ramadhan Al-Mubarak

The month of Allah (Ramadhan) has approached us with His mercy and blessings. This is the month that is the best of all months in the estimation of Allah. It's days are the best among the other days : it's nights are the best among the other nights : it's hour are the best among the other hours.....

Don't count how many different savouries and kueh are on the table, but count our blessings for all the favours Allah Ta'ala has given to us and think how the destitute are struggling around the world to survive....

May this Ramadhan be one we benefit fully from and whereby we increase in Iman and Taqwa.... amin

May our acts of worship multiply abundantly.... amin

May we increase in righteous actions and good deeds sincerely to Allah alone.... amin

May our characters become beautified, may our hearts become connected upon this haqq and we fulfill each others rights with happiness.... amin

May Allah forgive us of our sins and have mercy on us.... amin

To all the Muslims ;



from us : Hanie & Izali