Alhamdullilah, Intan has safely delivered a cute and healthy daughter on 1 August 2008 at Hospital Putrajaya. So many stories need to korek2 from Intan, hope to see her again after her confinement period at Sungai Petani (umah her PIL)

Introducing the bundle of joys to Intan & Zufri “ EMMA”, (cant remember her full name, hehehe sorry little Emma)

Hello World!!

After Intan, it is Dayang’s turn to experience the labor pain, hehehehe, after that is me!!! waaaaa so takut wo. Hopefully, everything going to be just fine to both of us, amin!!!!

1 August also a birth date for our cute lil nephew "QIMIE HAFIY" (SIL's son) So on 3rd August we celebrated his birthday party with joys and laughter.....

Happy 2nd Birthday Hafiy

Bob the Builder (hmmm kids)

Interframe sikit.... hehehe

Me, Hubby and Haziy (Hafiy's lil bro)

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