Butterfly or Goldfish

This week, I mark the 5th months of my pregnancy. Alhamdulillah, everything is going well so far. I’ve also started to fell a few kicks now days, at first I thought it was my gassy tummy, but when I concentrated more, it’s confirmed the lil one’s kicks!!! The kicking and moving just fell like a butterflies fluttering or a goldfish swimming around... Oh God!! Something really breathes inside me…

This Saturday, I’m going to have our next check-up. Despite of thinking about boring routine check-up, I desperately can’t wait to have the abdominal scan session again!! I’m pretty sure the lil one have grown up a lot more compared to last check-up (I think you had developed a strong legs too dear!!!)

Truly, the most exciting part, mummy can’t wait to see whether you are a BOY or a GIRL!!! I just hope the lil one will give fully cooperation during that scanning session. But actually, me and Hubby don’t really mind for having a baby boy or a baby girl, as long as the baby is healthy and cukup sifat, Insya Allah..... Plus, we already have a name for each gender :-)

Now suddenly felt like if I could have a twin of a boy and a girl la, so that I can use both names (it just could be a dream lah since we don’t have twin genetic runs in both families)

p/s : I’m currently working for baby lists, so expensive la all the baby thingies....

Dear Hubby : You really have to work hard, lalalala....... :-)

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