Went to watch Batman movie last Friday, I was so amazing with the graphics and of course with the BatMobile (macam keta tank askar ade gak) so ill give 2 thumbs up for ‘The Dark Knight’....

The BatMobile

Saturday, went shopping at MidValley (jgn g MidValley time weken after gaji, ramai giler org) thanks Hubby for spoiling me, hehehehe, I’ve got a maternity jean and a few of new shirts :-)
All my jeans can’t fit it anymore, what a big bump/tummy I have, thanked to dearest baby!!

I think this shopping therapy session is really good and helping :-)

Our conversation while lepaking at Starbucks after acara shopping menyoping;

U kalau kat umah, asyik melepek jek, tapi masa shopping terus sehat.

Ehh, ye ke? Boleh ar buat selalu :-) (sambil menyedut the yummylicious Caramel Frappuccino!!)

On Monday, went to see Pn. Doc for monthly check-up, I’m in my 2nd trimester now, hopefully all the sickness will go away soon, mummy can’t take it anymore dear. My tummy quiet big now but not everybody get noticed it yet (maybe I’m already gomok, huhu)

Last night, got a sms about Intan was warded and will be induce to deliver her baby today, call Zufri immediately to get updated bout her condition.
Hopefully, everything will be fine and can’t wait to meet Intan and her new baby....

Thats all for now....


My Country

Had you ever thought to migrate to another country?
Aussie perhaps or maybe a Islamic country. Me?? I did....
I had throw this idea once, twice (ok, so many times) to hubby....

Following the news everyday about our unstable politics situation in Malaysia always make me worries. Please God, save Malaysia....
I love Malaysia; my patriotism’s spirit is very strong in my bloodstream, but I really can’t hold it anymore if one day our beloved Malaysia will be control by those people who gile kuasa and have personal interesting against nations’ need....

As a Johorean, abah sangat pentingkan semangan nationalisme in our family, and thats what I'm now, I'm proud of it.... Now u know what side I will stand with :-)

But, what will happen to my family if I’m not around?
Hehehe postponed the intention (perasan!)


Lazy Hanie...

Hmmmmm dah lame tak berupdate blog ni....

Sekarang ni semua malas;

malas menaip
malas buat keje
malas mengadap boss
malas nak g keje
malas nak drive
malas nak masak
malas bangun pagi
malas nak makan
malas iron baju
..... semua malas la..... bestnye kalo blh duk atas katil jek :-)

sakit gigi yang teramat sangat nih!!! aduh......