My First Entry

Hello..... At last, i have my own blog... Why? Maybe because i really enjoy reading others blog... So its time for me to share my thoughts, experiences and anything, i guess... The idea of writing a blog was a long time ago but with time constraint, i just keep it myself and waiting for the right time... And finally, i have time to create this blog page :-) Yeay yeay!!! Lets enjoy!!!

Why 24.4.2008

The date is nothing to do with me... Its just a date, ok.... But maybe it is something about it...

To my mama in law : Happy Birthday Mama !!! [what should we give her as birthday present...hmmm sayang, pakai ur money yer :-) ]

To my sayang : Happy 5 months Anniversary [boleh??]

To myself : Today is gaji day... Hooray

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