Sony Bravia LCD TV

Hari Rabu lepas TV di rumah kami rosak, TV yang dicilok dari umah Shah Alam rosak.... Tak keluar gambar langsung, cume ade bunyi bunyian jek..... Mr Hubby tak senang duduk sebab dia dah menjadi si kaki TV..... Banyak kali jugak la TV tu kena ketuk cume tak kena tendang jek.... Jadi pada hari itu, Mr Hubby menghabiskan 1 jam di kedai mamak tingkat 5 untuk menonton The Legend of Bruce Lee, nasib baik sempat!!!!! Kalau tak, mesti telinga ni kena menahan bebelan beliau...... Sepanjang malam tu kami hanya menikmati rancangan "Uncle Seeker yang celupar", "cerita tipu Ustaz di Cakera Alam" dan menghiburkan diri dengan mendengar lagu-lagu merdu dari "Ustaz Akhil Ray di Bachok".... Terima kasih kepada the creator of You Tube......

Esoknya Hari Natal....
"Marry Chritmas to everybody especially to Georgina Liew Lee Chin and family"
Selepas mandi dan sarapan Pizza Hut malam tadi kami menuju ke KLCC, parking banyak kosong sebab baru jam 10.30 pagi, orang pun tak ramai sangat cume ade keluarga-keluarga yang membawa anak-anak berjalan-jalan (mungkin sebab cuti sekolah) dan juga couple-couple Indon bangsa asing yang sibuk mengambil gambar di pokok Krismas gergasi.... Destinasi utama ke Best Denki untuk mencari TV yang berkenan di hati..... Selepas hampir sejam di situ, inilah hasil tangkapan kami;

Sony Bravia LCD TV

Kul 4 petang tu, diorang datang hantar TV dan Mr Hubby sangat berpuas hati dapat tengok Bruce Lee episod akhir pada malam itu...... Gile tak puas hati arrrr ade mati macam tu jek, Hubby cakap mati dalam iman hahahahaha......

Selain dari itu, kami juga sempat menyinggah ke Mother Care dan menyebabkan poketku menjadi kempis sebab beli carseat untuk baby.... waaaaaaa abis duit gua

Lepas tu balik la, kalo lagi lame lagi sengkek la menghabiskan duit..... sekian cerita "Hikayat TV kami"


Special Entry : Happy Birthday Niena

Today, my pweety but mengade-ngade little niece turns 5. Become the only child makes her too manje especially with her Papa (anak Papa kan) ngan Mamanye, nan ado (asyik kena cubit jek) and become first grandchild to atok and nenek, memang banyak yang dia dapat cume Niena susah nak rapat with other people so she looks more mengada-ngada and irritating... oppppssssss

I think is about time to give her adik la, hehehe. My sis have told me that kalo la senang nak dapat anak, dah buat dah!!! :-)

To Maria Nur Irdina,




Baby Checklists - Hanie's Style

Ok people, this entry is all about my newborn baby checklists expecting arrival.... Hope it can give an ideas to new mummy-to-be out there :-) hopefully ok la ek

- Long Sleeve/Sleep Suits/Rompers
- Short Sleeve/Day Wears
- Booties & Mittens
- Bibs
- Caps/Hats
- Swaddling Blanket
- Nappies
- Tummy Binders
- Handkerchiefs/Burb Cloths
- Baby Laundry Detergent

- Diapers (newborn)
- Baby Wipes
- Diaper Rush Cream
- Changing Mat

Bathing & Grooming;
- Bath Tub
- Body Towels
- Toileteries
- Baby Oil
- Ointment - minyak yuyi
- Cotton Wool Balls/Swabs
- Cotton Buds
- Baby Comb/Brush
- Baby Nail Clipper
- Nasal Aspirator
- Gripe water (colic ease)

- Baby Cot/Playpen
- Mattress
- Bedding Cover Set
- Newborn Pillow & Bolsters
- Blankets
- Mosquito Net

- Breast Pump
- EBM Storage Containers
- Bottle & Teats
- Bottle/Food Warmer
- Bottle Brush

- Stroller
- Car Seat/Carrier
- Infant Head Support
- Diaper Bag & Travel Changing Mat
- Baby Sling

For Mummy;
- Disposable/washable breast pads
- Nursing bras
- Nipple cream
- Maternity pads
- Nipple shields
- Massage oil
- Warm socks
- Indoor slipper
- Nursing tops
- Disposable briefs
- Confine Jamu

so far, most everythings telah berjaya dibeli, cume ade small-small things ajer yang belum jumpe, maybe later la.... Sekarang ni I'm not in the mood to shopping anymore (hehehehe boleh caye ker?)

p/s : Anythings to add ker?


Without Title 1

Elooo people....

Hmmmm just don't know how to start the entry la, I've plenty stories to share but too little time to blogging, so how???? Maybe I can curi mase to blogging from home after work la but most of the time from balik office to pergi office the next morning adalah di atas katil yang empuk itu.... Seriously, I'm really malas tak larat to do most everything at home kecuali makan, mandi and tengok t.v, hehehehe..... Hubby just bought Celcom Berukband Broadband last 2 week, after a few time we went to Kedai Telekom to register Streamyx yang ramai gile orang, we've decided to use Broadband jek, so here we are.... At home, linenye ok lah but at MIL house macam tak okeh jek, hopefully at my parents house oklah, hehehehe macam takde harapan jek......

We also have mostly done bought all the lil one's things, preparation 80% done!!! Syabas Mummy and Abah.... Cume playpen cum crib jek belum pasang and ader sikit-sikit baju belum basuh and hospital bag belum ready yet, but all small matter lah, Hubby kan ader.... sighs

Now every week kena ke PCMC for checkup, basically semua ok lah, my lil one pun doing good inside mummy, sangat la activenye buat pusingan 360 darjah!!!!! Last week mase scan dapat tengok muka and Pn Doc sangat-sangat positif my lil one ni ikut muka Abahnya.... so Mummy penat-penat preggie, u ikut muka ur Abah jugak yer... ish ish ish

Lately, I'm tooooo lazy nak pergi kerja, rase macam nak tido and bermalas-malasan jek setiap masa, bestnye kalo sekarang ni kat atas katil kat rumah, bestnyerrrrrrrr....... Before deliver ni macam nak berehat puas-puas before kena torture say good bye to my good nite sleep, hehehehe......

Hmmmmm cukup la kot merepek hari ni, nanti kite sambung lagik ye... Daaaaaa


Bruce Lee - what????????

This is something special for my Hubby.... He is really into everything-about-Bruce Lee, obviously when he seems glued at the couch when watching The Legend of Bruce Lee at 8TV from 8.30 - 9.30 Mon to Fri without fail, eventho if he had something to do, I need to replace him in front of the T.V..... pity me huh

So, I think this Bruce Lee-thing will make my Hubby happy and proud of me, hehehehe *sigh* what exactly happen to me ni????? blurrrrrrr

Actor, martial arts expert. Born Lee Jun Fan, on November 27, 1940, in San Francisco, California. His father, a Hong Kong opera singer, moved with his wife and three children to the United States in 1939; his fourth child, a son, was born while he was on tour in San Francisco. Lee’s mother called him “Bruce,” which means “strong one” in Gaelic. Young Bruce appeared in his first film at the age of three months, when he served as the stand-in for an American baby in Golden Gate Girl.

In 1941, the Lees moved back to Hong Kong, then occupied by the Japanese. Apparently a natural in front of the camera, Bruce Lee appeared in roughly 20 films as a child actor, beginning in 1946. He also studied dance, once winning a cha-cha competition. As a teenager, he became a member of a Hong Kong street gang, and in 1953 began studying kung fu to sharpen his fighting skills. In 1959, after Lee got into trouble with the police for fighting, his mother sent him back to the U.S. to live with family friends outside Seattle, Washington.

Lee finished high school in Edison, Washington, and subsequently enrolled as a philosophy major at the University of Washington. He also got a job teaching the Wing Chun style of martial arts that he had learned in Hong Kong to his fellow students and others. Through his teaching, Lee met Linda Emery, whom he married in 1964. By that time, Lee had opened his own martial arts school in Seattle. He and Linda soon moved to California, where Lee opened two more schools in Los Angeles and Oakland. At his schools, Lee taught mostly a style he called Jeet Kune Do.

Lee gained a measure of celebrity with his role in the television series The Green Hornet, which aired from 1966 to 1967. In the show, which was based on a 1930s radio program, the small, wiry Lee displayed his acrobatic and theatrical fighting style as the Hornet’s loyal sidekick, Kato. He went on to make guest appearances in such TV shows as Ironside and Longstreet, while his most notable role came in the 1969 film Marlowe, starring James Garner. Confronted with the dearth of meaty roles and the prevalence of stereotypes regarding actors of Asian heritage, Lee left Los Angeles for Hong Kong in 1971, with his wife and two children (Brandon, born in 1965, and Shannon, born in 1967).

Back in the city where he had grown up, Lee signed a two-film contract. Fists of Fury (its U.S. title) was released in late 1971, featuring Lee as a vengeful fighter chasing the villains who had killed his kung-fu master. Combining his smooth Jeet Kune Do athleticism with the high-energy theatrics of his performance in The Green Hornet, Lee was the charismatic center of the film, which set new box office records in Hong Kong. Those records were broken by Lee’s next film, The Chinese Connection (1972), which, like Fists of Fury, received poor reviews from critics when they were released in the U.S.
By the end of 1972, Lee was a major movie star in Asia. He had founded his own production company, Concord Pictures, and had released his first directorial feature, Way of the Dragon. Though he had not yet gained stardom in America, he was poised on the brink with his second directorial feature and first major Hollywood project, Enter the Dragon.

On July 20, 1973, just one month before the premiere of Enter the Dragon, Bruce Lee died in Hong Kong at the age of 32. The official cause of his sudden and utterly unexpected death was a brain edema, found in an autopsy to have been caused by a strange reaction to a prescription painkiller he was reportedly taking for a back injury. Controversy surrounded Lee’s death from the beginning, as some claimed he had been murdered. He was also widely believed to have been cursed, a conclusion driven by Lee’s obsession with his own early death. (The tragedy of the so-called curse was compounded in 1993, when Brandon Lee was killed under similarly mysterious circumstances during the filming of The Crow. The 28-year-old actor was fatally shot with a gun that supposedly contained blanks but somehow had a live round lodged deep within its barrel.)

With the posthumous release of Enter the Dragon, Lee’s status as a film icon was confirmed. The film went on to gross a total of over $200 million, and Lee’s legacy created a whole new breed of action hero—a mold filled with varying degrees of success by such actors as Chuck Norris, Jean-Claude Van Damme, Steven Seagal, and Jackie Chan.



Happy Anniversary to my Sayang......
Most memorable and lovely events a year ago.....
Nikah Event - 24 November.......

Reception at Mersing - 24 November.....

Reception at Shah Alam - 1 Disember......



My Habit : Bruxism

Since I’ve entered the 3rd trimester of my pregnancy about a month ago, my Hubby keep telling me my new habit while I’m in zzzzz land, which is not so new to me....

Have u heard about Bruxism or in Malay they called it Tabiat Mengancing dan Mengetam / Mengetap Gigi. That’s what I did every nights, hehehehe and my Hubby find it so annoying him, but what to do kan, I am his sleeping partner :)

I googeled about Bruxism and Tabiat Mengancing dan Mengetam / Mengetap Gigi. This what I found;

Latar belakang
Mengancing dan mengetam/ mengetap gigi (bruxism) adalah pergerakan mengetap, menggesel atau/dan mengisar antara gigi-gigi di rahang atas dan di rahang bawah secara tidak disedari atau disengajakan. Ianya boleh terjadi semasa tidurataupun jaga.
Apakah penyebab tabiat mengancing dan mengetam/ mengetap gigi?

Tabiat ini mungkin disebabkan oleh:
Stres atau tekanan perasaan.
Perubahan gigitan yang mungkin berlaku akibat trauma atau rawatan gigi.
Tidak diketahui punca

Apakah tanda-tanda dan akibat tabiat ini?
Antara tanda-tanda dan akibatnya adalah :
Permukaan gigi haus
Sakit kepala
Sakit di bahagian sendi rahang
Gigi terasa ngilu atau sakit
Sendi rahang berbunyi semasa membuka dan menutup mulut.
Kesakitan/ luka di bahagian sudut mulut.

Apakah yang anda boleh lakukan?
Tingkatkan kemahiran menangani stres
Dapatkan nasihat doktor pergigian.


What is bruxism?
Bruxism is the term that refers to an incessant grinding and clenching of the teeth, unintentionally, and at inappropriate times. Bruxers (persons with bruxism) are often unaware that they have developed this habit, and often do not know that treatment is available until damage to the mouth and teeth has been done. Damage caused by bruxism often includes the following symptoms. However, each individual may experience symptoms differently.

Symptoms may include:
abraded teeth
facial pain
oversensitive teeth
tense facial and jaw muscles
dislocation of the jaw
damage to the tooth enamel, exposing the inside of the tooth (dentin)
a popping or clicking in the temporomandibular joint (TMJ)
tongue indentations
damage to the inside of the cheek

The symptoms of bruxism may resemble other conditions or medical problems. Consult a dentist or your physician for a diagnosis.

What causes bruxism?
Although this habit is unintentional, oral health specialists often point to excessive stress and certain personality types as typical causes of bruxism. Bruxism often affects persons with nervous tension such as anger, pain, or frustration, and/or persons with aggressive, hurried, or overly competitive tendencies.

How is bruxism diagnosed?
During regular visits to the dentist, the teeth are examined for evidence of bruxism - often indicated by the tips of the teeth appearing flat. If symptoms are present, the condition will be observed for changes over the next several visits before a treatment program is established.

Treatment for bruxism:
Specific treatment for bruxism will be determined by your dentist or physician based on:
your age, overall health, and medical history
extent of the disease
your tolerance for specific medications, procedures, or therapies
expectations for the course of the disease
your opinion or preference

In most cases, bruxism can be successfully treated. Treatment may involve:
behavior modification
Teaching the patient how to rest his/her tongue, teeth, and lips properly, and learning how to rest the tongue upward may relieve discomfort on the jaw while keeping the teeth apart and lips closed.
A specially-fitted plastic mouth appliance may be worn at night to absorb the force of biting. This appliance may help to prevent future damage to the teeth and aid in changing the patient's behavior.
Biofeedback involves an electronic instrument that measures the amount of muscle activity of the mouth and jaw - indicating to the patient when too much muscle activity is taking place so that the behavior can be changed. This is especially helpful for daytime bruxers. Further research is needed to develop a treatment program for bruxers who clench during the night.

p/s : anybody in same boat with me?????


Quantum of Solace

Last weekend kami bershopping di OU dengan hati yang gumbira walaupun pegi dah petang, 5.00 p.m from Shah Alam. Walaupun dalam hati rase macam tensen sebab akan lambat memulakan acara menghabiskan duit but I still managed to control it infront Mr Hubby.... ya right

After done on surveying a lil one travel gear, I started looking for my own fancy maternity clothes, I think ar if I calculate all the expenses I’ve spent at Modernmum, mother club and other maternity stores almost beribu gak habis.... shesssh

Nway, my kaki really sakit because we walked non stop from shop to another shop and plus I’m wore my 3 inches wedges, hehehehe well beauty is pain....

We watched James Bond : Quantum of Solace

Franky speaking, I not really into James Bond’s movies but for the sake of Mr Hubby I just followed him with pot pet pot pet at his back la…. Every time when the action parts (lompat bangunan, tembak-tembak, kejar-kejar etc) I did felt lil one moved, maybe dia suke kot movie tu, so mummy 0, abah 1, how come u????

I forgot to blog about my mak's birthday last week la..... But I still sempat to wish her tau, bukan lupe terus...... Mak, I hope u read my blog so u can see this especially for u......


Also to Hubby's friend;


p/s : i think Abah's birthday pun I forgot la nak cite, ish ish ish...... ampun pak


Happy Thursday

Ola.... Happy Thursday to everybody!!!!

Nothing significant pun hari Khamis ni, saje jek nak update blog yang lama dah bersarang ni.... I know ramai yang missed me kan, hehehehe...

Nway, hari Khamis ni sangat bermakna to Mr Hubby because;

1. Watch Naruto at 7.30-8.00
2. Watch The Lagend of Bruce Lee at 8.30-9.30 (actually everyday ye dia mengadap cite ini)
3. Watch kisah Seram at 9.30-10.30 (dulu Susuk pastu Kekasihku Seru, malam ni ntah ape tajuk cite baru tu)

Ni surat kepada Naruto, jgn sampai macam ni dah la ye.....

So, kesimpulannya..... SAYANG I SI KAKI TV, hehehehehe


My 7 months

Helooooo there!!! Just a quick update on my lil one....

Before that, thanks for attending our Aidilfitri’s open house yesterday, obviously my Hubby’s friends la.. Mine only Dayang n family, sob sob sob sedeh ooooooo, tak baik tau korang....

Last Saturday, met Pn. Doc for monthly checkup…. Everything just ok but the lil one refused to show the face, it is ok dear; we will give u time to develop a cutey/macho one like Mummy (or Abah????) Lil one weight about 1.3 kg but Mummy gained almost 11 kg for this past 7 months (omg beratnya la; help….help)

Mummy also experiencing all the pregnancy discomforts lately; shortness of breath (I can’t talk so fast anymore), leg cramps, heartburn, mood swing and the list goes on. But thank God, all these annoyances are temporary only. Well on the other problem that can be souvenir for the rest of my life is STRETCH MARKS; and I got it, not only one line but many, but what to do, I just pasrah about it la (Im using a cocoa butter cream since my early stage of pregnancy, well my skin is not elastic enough, tho)

p/s : almost 2 months to go.... go mummy go....


In Memory - Kak Mona

Yesterday evening, I got a sms from C.K about Kak Mona’s critical condition at HUKM. After Maghrib, when I checked my hp, another sms from C.K, she already gone, left us to meet Allah Al-Mighty. Al-Fatihah.....

Monaliza Hamzah – my PTD’s friend, sama-sama in same Sidang B, intelligent and smart lady..... Allah s.w.t lebih sayangkan dia. Semoga damai di sana.....

13 Oktober 2008 bersamaan 13 Syawal 1429H

p/s : We don't know when is our time :-) hope we can always ready for that.... Amin


My Breaking Fast Events

Ini adalah entry tertunda, about my bukak puasa events sepanjang Ramadhan yang lepas. Due to my kurang rajin mood to typing a stori mori, so lets pictures do the talking (takde la banyak sangat pics pun)

Our first bukak puasa di luar, snap gambar dalam kereta jek, masa makan2 lupe nak bawak camera. Restoran Arab at Jalan Damai – Restoran Andalusia

Bukak puasa with my friends at Amarin Havenly Thai, Mid Valley....

L-R : Aliff, Me n Dayang

Ladies (except yg baju merah tu ek)

Selain daripada restoran2 di atas, tempat yang kami telah kunjungi seperti berikut (takde gambar ye)

Restoran Arab sebelah Restoran Andalusia – with Hubby’s friends

Tropicana Golf Club – with Hubby’s friends

Pizza Hut, Ampang Park – with Dian & Kadok

Restoran Bangi Village View - with my PTD's friends

Pic from blog rafting-b

Kedai Sandwich kat KLCC (I’ve ask Hubby to make a reservation at Chilli’s but he didn’t, grrrrrrrrrrrrr merajuk satu malam)

Rumah MIL – every weekend

Selain daripada tu, almost everyday I cooked the meal myself, cume dah last2 tu banyak yang beli kat Pasar Ramadhan jek :-)


Happy Birthday

I'm turning 26 today!!!!


Helooooo I'm the birthday gurl!!!! (apasal macam chubby sangat jek ni)
Dinner treat at Chilli's (thanks dear Hubby.. muah.. muah)
Ice lemon tea for me and lime juice for him...

My meal - chicken + corn + fries...

Supper at Old Town White Coffee (yummmy!!!)
Mirror reflection (nampak my belly tak? hohoho dah besar)

Pic standard dalam car (again!!!!)

Us at home (sila abai yang sepah-sepah tu ye)

1st bracelet from Hubby

Flower (sepatutnya delivery to office but since I'm at home dat time, so delivered to home jek la)

My new gadget (gift for myself)

Me with lovely flower.....

All the birthday gifts.......

Im happy with my 26th Birthday... Credit to dear Hubby, eventho without a big celebration or surprice party but a sweet dinner treat was more than enough to me....

Thanks to all the wishes thru sms, email and call.... I luv U all

- xoxoxoxo-



Kepada semua kami ingin mengucapkan;

"Selamat Menyambut Hari Raya AidilFitri 1429 H"

"Maaf Zahir & Batin"

Semoga bergembira bersama keluarga di hari lebaran yang mulia ini. Kepada anak perantau yang akan pulang ke kampung halaman, selamat memandu dan berhati-hati di jalanraya. Semoga kita semua selamat pergi dan kembali. Insya-Allah....

Salam Lebaran,

Hanie & Izali



Just some update before my long hari raya holiday...... yahoooooooo!!!!!

On little one

Last Tuesday, we done our monthly checkup with Pn. Doc, everything seems so fine to me and for the second time Pn Doc had double confirmed lil one’s gender... Well, I’m not announcing it here, but all my friends and family members already know it, and of course the most excited person is my Hubby plus our baby is after his nose (omg!!! Whay didn’t u coping Mummy???)
So from now on, we can start (start??) shopping for the baby outfit, hehehe. My baby thingies list almost complete and I think my energy shopping level is very high right now :-)

The lil one’s kicking is harder and harder everyday... Are u going to be a footballer dear? It’s fine for Mummy, as long as u don’t say to be a table tennis player, ok....

On Hari Raya preparation

We’ve done shopped all the baju for this Hari Raya: for myself [only one beaded baju kurung :-( and 3 inchs wedge :-) opppsssss!!] for Hubby [a nice baju melayu teluk belanga, matching samping, songkok and sandal] for niece and nephew [a gorgeous lil baju kurung and gown for Niena] [an Arsenal’s jersey and marvelous outing outfit for lil Ali] for family [beautiful but affordable baju kurung for Ma] [a baju melayu for my lil brother, Tomin]
I really want some more for myself but for the second thought maybe I don’t need it desperately because my growing belly will limited me to fully utilize all that baju raya. But to full fill my craving for my own shopping things, I’ve bought some of maternity outfit with lots of cash flew away, hehehe but thanks to my Hubby PIPE’s friends for the Isetan voucher. But don’t worry, I’m already told Hubby to stop me from shop for more maternity outfit after this *sigh* (half of my wardrobe filled with it, ah-ha!!!)

About kuih raya, I don’t spent much this year, just bought 3 balang of kuih raya from my staffs and the rest is complimentary from MIL (we already have 11 balang of kuih raya at home + another 8 to bring back to Mersing) alhamdulillah.....

On fasting progress

Alhamdulillah I still manage to fast until today and only one day left, insya-Allah.. Pn. Doc also advised me to keep fasting as long as I can. Thank to lil baby for giving fully cooperation to mummy J I love u.. I’m also proud of myself because until today I still successfully wake up at 4 – 4.30 every morning to prepare sahur for my lovely Hubby (every morning Hubby never fail to compliment my cook, that’s make me more enthusiasm to cook the meal :-) hopefully he telling me the truth!!!)

About our berbuka puasa, I will tell it in another entry ya.....


We going to celebrate Hari Raya at Mersing this year, with my family (thanks dear, muah muah) So we going off to balik kampung tomorrow, hooooray……


Special Entry : Happy Birthday my big sister

Kak Nie's family

Niena and Mama

Happy Birthday to my big sister – NINIE

How to describe my sis ni ye?? Hmmmm actually mase kecik-kecik dulu takde kamceng sangat sebab we all tak sekepala, lagipun my sis ni ala-ala lembik and manja yang amat, yeah I was brutal that time la, ikut abah menembak dalam hutan (hehehehe sweet memory) She always gets what she wants from abah and makes me become a big green hulk + big green eye, nyampah nyer….

But she liked to tell me all about her love stories, maybe because i’m the only sister yang faham kot, takkan nak story kat Dian yang baru 3-4 tahun tu kan….. A few guys name yang I can recall la; Toni, arwah Amin, hmmmm sape lagi ekkk (takde la ramai boyfriends sangat pun my sis ni) hehehehe…….

Hopefully Abg Man not one of this blog reader, if not matilah…. lariksssss

Bile dah grown up ni, I think she is one of my best motivator, consultant, friend and role model…… Walaupun her perangai still the same – kuat merajuk, cepat marah, manja etc etc etc (bulan puasa ni tak baik kutuk lebih-lebih)

So again, I wanna wish Happy 32nd Birthday to my beloved sister… May God Bless You and Family…

p/s : cian Niena kena chicken pox, pity my sweet dear :-(


Swap.... swap

PUTRAJAYA: Datuk Seri Abdullah Ahmad Badawi announced he would be handing over the Finance Ministry portfolio to his deputy. In a direct swap, Abdullah would take over the Defence Ministry from Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak.

The Prime Minister announced this at a press conference Wednesday.
The swap of duties is to take effect immediately.
The move is part of the agreed transition plan which both Abdullah and Najib reaffirmed on Wednesday.

In July, Abdullah and Najib agreed to the transition plan for the Prime Minister to hand over power to him in 2010. The plan was endorsed by the party supreme council later.

Ye ye we got a new minister!!!!!!! erkkkkk whatever..................

New Place

I'm officially transferred to another department but still in the same ministry and the same building, but still don't get a room yet la... Temporarily, I'm located at Secretariat Unit, doing the HR jobs (again!!!!!!)

Nothing much to update about the new job.... Apart from dealing with the same administrative things, I'm starting to learn about the tender paper and board meeting (what??????)

Really hope that I will get the my exact post as soon as possible, so I can blogging anytime with privacy hehehehe.......

p/s : I wanna stori mori about our bukak puasa event with my close friends last weekend, but nanti la ekkk!!!!


Good Bye HRD

Today is the last day I’m blogging from this computer in this room. Tomorrow will be the new day for me in the new office environment and totally new job scope. For almost 4 year I’m doing and dealing with the same HR issues everyday, finally I can move on to another chapter in my career life. I’m so thankful for the knowledge and experiences that I had learnt and got here....

Obviously, my main reason for moving to another department is because I can’t get along with my boss (I’m not proud of it !!) it’s also for my career wise, I don’t to be stuck here forever and became a tukun....

I’ve done packed all my belongings and just about time to be transfer it to new room. Not so far la, just from level 6 down to level 3 only.....

Actually, I should move out from this ministry about long time ago last year, when I got my work promotion but because I’m too good (*wink*) to let go, my big boss decided to retained me here. Along my time working here, I had 3 different immediate bosses with a different characteristics (rambut sama hitam, hati lain-lain kan) well nothing to be regretted, I want to move on in my career, Insya-Allah....

So, tomorrow (maybe) I will update more about my new place. I hope I can cope up with all the new things. Do pray for me....

I’m so sad to leaving this office because;

Computer with internet connection – yes
Laser jet printer – yes
All excess call out telephone – yes
My free time to do personal things – yes
My supportive colleagues and staffs – yes
Office’s pantry with a full of meal and snack in the fridge – yes
Boss – nope

Good bye office, good bye computer, good bye printer, good bye telephone and good bye everybody!!!! sob sob sob sob................


Ramadhan Al-Mubarak

The month of Allah (Ramadhan) has approached us with His mercy and blessings. This is the month that is the best of all months in the estimation of Allah. It's days are the best among the other days : it's nights are the best among the other nights : it's hour are the best among the other hours.....

Don't count how many different savouries and kueh are on the table, but count our blessings for all the favours Allah Ta'ala has given to us and think how the destitute are struggling around the world to survive....

May this Ramadhan be one we benefit fully from and whereby we increase in Iman and Taqwa.... amin

May our acts of worship multiply abundantly.... amin

May we increase in righteous actions and good deeds sincerely to Allah alone.... amin

May our characters become beautified, may our hearts become connected upon this haqq and we fulfill each others rights with happiness.... amin

May Allah forgive us of our sins and have mercy on us.... amin

To all the Muslims ;



from us : Hanie & Izali


Merdeka Day

Tanggal 31
Bulan lapan lima puluh tujuh
Merdeka! Merdeka!
Tetaplah merdeka
Ia pasti menjadi sejarah

Tanggal 31
Bulan lapan lima puluh tujuh
Hari yang mulia
Hari bahagia
Sambut dengan jiwa yang merdeka

Mari kita seluruh warganegara
Ramai-ramai menyambut hari merdeka
Tiga satu bulan lapan lima puluh tujuh
Hari mulia negaraku merdeka

By Sudirman Haji Arshad

Kemerdekaan bukan sahaja bererti membebaskan diri dari penjajahan tetapi berjaya membebaskan diri daripada segala perkara yang membuatkan diri tertindas tidak kira oleh diri sendiri, orang lain atau keadaan semasa..... MERDEKA!! MERDEKA!! MERDEKA!!



Butterfly or Goldfish

This week, I mark the 5th months of my pregnancy. Alhamdulillah, everything is going well so far. I’ve also started to fell a few kicks now days, at first I thought it was my gassy tummy, but when I concentrated more, it’s confirmed the lil one’s kicks!!! The kicking and moving just fell like a butterflies fluttering or a goldfish swimming around... Oh God!! Something really breathes inside me…

This Saturday, I’m going to have our next check-up. Despite of thinking about boring routine check-up, I desperately can’t wait to have the abdominal scan session again!! I’m pretty sure the lil one have grown up a lot more compared to last check-up (I think you had developed a strong legs too dear!!!)

Truly, the most exciting part, mummy can’t wait to see whether you are a BOY or a GIRL!!! I just hope the lil one will give fully cooperation during that scanning session. But actually, me and Hubby don’t really mind for having a baby boy or a baby girl, as long as the baby is healthy and cukup sifat, Insya Allah..... Plus, we already have a name for each gender :-)

Now suddenly felt like if I could have a twin of a boy and a girl la, so that I can use both names (it just could be a dream lah since we don’t have twin genetic runs in both families)

p/s : I’m currently working for baby lists, so expensive la all the baby thingies....

Dear Hubby : You really have to work hard, lalalala....... :-)


Election Result

Last night dah tau sape menang at Permatang Pauh, nasib la wahai rakyat Malaysia, semoga kita dapat mengharungi onak duri dengan selamat dan sabar.....

Next agenda, tunggu 16 September ni.... Mungkin ada hikmah atas semua yang terjadi....

Kepada semua pemimpin, nasib kami di tangan anda....

Dear Hubby : my proposal nak migrate tu still relevan ke???


Permatang Pauh By-Election

Today, Permatang Pauh voters head to the polls to decide thier next Member of Parliment, also these will shape the future of Malaysian politics. I won't write much about this but I really hope that all the voters will choose wisely and think about the future "our childrens future"....

Selamat Mengundi!!!


My Babymoon

It's gonna be a looooong entry..... Plz bear with me ya..

Entry ni nak bercerita pasal aktiviti keluarga for my last weekend (Fri, Sat, Sun, Mon & Tue)

Supposedly, Im on leave for three days (Mon, Tue & Wed) but my stupid lovely boss telah membekukan semua cuti pada cuti sekolah ini dan my solution was Monday amik E.L and Tuesday amik M.C (thank u for the all supporter) Wednesday masuk opis with hati berbunga-bunga untuk posting entry (here we are, tadaaaaa!!!) hehehehe....

Actually, we (me&Hubby) are planned to have a babymoon holiday after settled the Usop tunang’s ceremony but plan is just a plan....

What is babymoon (from Wikipedia) ;

"A babymoon is a vacation taken by a couple that is expecting a baby in order to allow the couple to enjoy a final trip together before the many sleepless nights that usually accompany a newborn baby. Babymoons usually take place at a resort that offers appropriate services like prenatal massage. The term babymoon comes from the more traditional term honeymoon, which is a vacation taken by a newlywed couple after their wedding ceremony."

15.8.2008 (Friday)

Hari yang mulia dan masuk kerja seperti biasa.... Tap tap tap, buat kerja as usual.... After lunch break, Kapt told me that my permohonan cuti was rejected by boss....

c#*p s*#@ b*@*#, I have submitted my leave on Monday, nape Jumaat baru nak bagitau b*#@*h

After the melazer session, I just nodded when other officer told me about that new boss’s rules (no cuti to all the officer during this holiday break, can u imagine how cruel my boss!!) Inside my head, macam-macam plan and excuses dijana.

After solat Magrib, kemas baju and other things, went straight to Shah Alam.

16.8.2008 (Saturday)

Bagun, mandi and performed solat Subuh.... Kejut Hubby and siap2 ape yang patut.... Around 10.30 gerak to Kulim with Hubby, Mama (MIL) and Shah (nephew) Yang lain-lain gerak lambat sket sebab semua sibuk nak menguruskan anak-anak berudu mereka, hehehe. Our family 3 kereta – me&Hubby&Mama, Nana&Amy (2nd SIL & husband & 2 child), Along&Ajul (1st SIL & husband & 5 child)

Sampai Kulim around 14.00, quite late because of traffic jam at highway atas Permatang Pauh (proses penamaan calon Pilihanraya) and had a lunch at Mak Su’s house....

At Kulim, we stayed at homestay yang besar and haunted (giler serius!!)

Petang - me and Hubby pegi melawat rumah my auntie - Mak Neng (last pegi rumah dia masa sekolah rendah)

Malam - me, Hubby and Hubby’s cousins went to Padang Kota, Penang for makan-makan... Went there naik ferry, balik nak jambatan....

17.8.2008 (Sunday)

Hari untuk menghantar tanda pertunangan for Hubby’s big brother – Usop (Hubby adik tapi kami kawen dulu ye)

Usop tak ikut, so kami-kami je la pergi (family from Shah Alam + family Mak Su + family Mak Ngah) – ni semua belah my Hubby ye!!

Pictures for that day ;

Sarung cincin (latest new member in my in law family - Kak Linda)

Our side (baju semua same ye, only me yang tak coz they wore this during my wedding at Shah Alam)

Me yang sopan-sopan

Me & Mak Su

Cake for the Hantaran (soooo yummylicious)

Pic standard dalam kereta

Malam tido umah Mak Su ramai-ramai, tak kuase nak tido kat homestay yang ade penunggu tu, hehehehe....
18.8.2008 (Monday)

First thing yang dilakukan, texted Kapt;

Saya E.L hari ni ye, ade emergency.. Tolong inform boss, T.Q

Settle satu benda, next thing ialah discuss apa plan yang nak di buat. Original plan nak bercuti ke Cameron Highland, tapi bila dah sampai Kulim change plan nak ke Penang pulak and lepak-lepak kat tempat menarik di negeri Kedah....

Ingat nak mandi manda di Air Terjun Batu Hampar but hujan lebat so we all just melepak at Mak Su’s place sampai petang....

After long discussion, decision yang dibuat ialah bercuti ke Cameron Highland (walk in jek, kalau ade hotel, ade la, kalau takde, balik Shah Alam) tapi this trip cume 2 kereta yang pergi - me&Hubby&Mama, Nana&Amy (2nd SIL & husband & 2 child)
Along + family tak ikut due to kesihatan tak mengizinkan ( Along + Shah + Ammar tak sehat) so Mama suruh diorang balik....

Gerak ke Cameron around 17.00 dalam keadaan hujan renyai-renyai and another adventure are waiting for us, jeng jeng jeng.............................

Sampai Simpang Pulai pukul 18.15, minyak kereta cume ada setengah petak yang last and we thought maybe akan jumpe stesyen minyak and we were wrong, there is no oil station sepanjang jalan from Simpang Pulai to Brinchang. Tanda E kat meter dah 4 times blinking plus jalan yang gelap gelita, really make me felt horrible, mulut kumat kamit recited doa hopefully kereta tak mati tepi jalan, Amy plak bawak keta laju sampai tak tunggu we all and handphone takde signal (omg) untuk contact diaorang to inform our condition. Luckily, dengan minyak tak cukup tu we managed to sampai kat kawasan kedai yang terang and ada orang and Amy&Nana pun stop while waiting for us. After tanya orang-orang kat situ, Amy pegi ke kedai yang ada jual minyak dalam botol kat Kampung Raja (if I not mistaken la, about 10mins dari tempat kami stop) arghhhh really relief bile tengok minyak dah naik sikit, so teruskan perjalanan ke Brinchang. Sampai je terus cari Petronas and filled minyak sampai full (lega!!) After that cari hotel/apartment untuk tido. We stayed at Star Regency Apartment, 3 rooms and only RM250 per night.

After check-in terus ke Night Market yang walking distance from the apartment, banyak barang murah sebab dah nak tutup (Mama yang paling banyak shopping), makan-makan and masuk bilik terus zzzzzzzzzzzz.

Gadis & Bunga (at Night Market)
19.8.2008 (Tuesday)

First thing first – grab my handphone and texted Kapt;

Kapt, hari ni saya M.C ye, tak sehat la, plz inform boss. T.Q

And the reply IYO LA TU

After mandi and breakfast, we went to Tanah Rata cari bank nak withdraw duit belanja, hehehe

Visited the first place - Big Red Strawberry Farm. Had minum pagi there, semua strawberry ye – strawberry milkshake, strawberry with cream, strawberry cake, strawberry tart and ice cream goreng with strawberry. Jalan-jalan tengok fresh vegetables....

Balik apartment, kemas-kemas barang and check-out....

Went to second place – Cactus Valley tapi tak masuk sebab kena bayar, just beli-beli souvenirs...
Before balik singgah at Kea Farm, beli barang lagi, Mama beli sayur je kejenya. My cute car pun dah jadi macam lori sayur, barang memang banyak....

Kena start pikir macammana nak tambah duit beli kereta besar sket ye sayang, hehehe

Balik ikut Tapah, jalan yang sangat mencabar, nasib baik masa datang ikut Simpang Pulai, kalau lalu Tapah tak tau la ape jadi dengan minyak takde tu. Sampai Shah Alam dalam pukul 18.00, loading barang and went to clinic, dapat M.C, hooray my lakonan berjaya!!! Sampai Keramat pukul 21.00, mandi, solat and tido. Esok kerja!!!!

Mr Hubby & peta

Hubby & Hafiy at Big Red Strawberry Farm

Me during makan-makan time

My Sweet Strawberry Man

Us (ntah pape la)

Koboi Man

Morale of the stories;

  1. Always make sure minyak penuh before ke mana-mana.
  2. Make sure ade cash yang cukup dalam tangan walaupun ada credit card.
  3. Buat plan A, B and C. Just in-case plan A tu tak jadi.
  4. It’s ok if boss tak approve cuti, but make sure u can convince the doctor to give the M.C.

    p/s : a full bag of baju kotor are waiting for me, phewwww mencabarnya.

    Dear Hubby, I think I need another babymoon vacation la, please please.